Infinite Flight Live Connect Saitek X52 Problem

i have a strange issue (problem) with LiveFlight App. I am using WIndows 10, Joystick Saitek X52 Pro and i have installed newest version of Infinite Flight. And the problem is that LiveFlight doesn’t recognise my joystick and i don’t know what to do 😞
I tryed to reinstall the LiveFlight but i have this same problem. Infinite Flight Connect is ticked, infinite flight recognise network joystick but only when i press something on keyboard. So it’s not something with connection. I have instaled drivers to Joystick as well. 😞 Can anyone help me?

I spend a lots of money to buy a Saitek X52 specialy to make Infinite Flight more realistic.
Few days ago a instaled Remix OS - joystick works perfectly but like Infinite Flight developers said in one of topics that game is not suported on Remix OS, it’s very sad :(
And i use Vysor to transmit video from my phone (Samsung Note 4) Screen to computer via USB cable.

Have you tried an OTG connection?

With android you can use it like a PC using the USB function

Basically not yet but im affraid it won’t be working together with Vysor. (Connection with Joystick and screen mirroring to PC at this same time all via USB).

Get a USB hub, they’re pretty cheap! Should be able to work.

I just ordered a flight yoke after testing it out with some keyboards

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Try the usb idea i use it and i also use a wireless charger if ypur phone is capable of it

So I can confirm USB works

I bought the Saitek Pro Flight Yoke.
Works well with IF, runs the phone a little warm but gets the job done.

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