Infinite Flight Live API

So… are you done with the new app? This has been up for like 10 minutes, and no new update? Quit slacking man… ;)


My laptop is slow to boot.
About that, should I make a separate thread about my watcher app?

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Haha I’m always eager to learn! I’ve always wanted to know how to program apps. It would be fun to code an app for you guys but I have Zero brains in that field ;)

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Sure, knock yourself out



Add me to your beta when you do ;)

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If anyone knows how to program for the Apple Watch, here you go!

Here is a picture that someone made of IFFG:


What is this JSON you speak of? ;)

Got to continue with my app soon and get it running even nicer than before :smile:
The ATC API seems interesting, I’m thinking favourite users/push notifications for when they come online… :)

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Yep, let me know if you need more data from the API :smile:

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One thing I’m interested in:

Querying GetATCFacilities returns objects like below:

   "UserName":"Bob Bobberson"

I can position this on a map with lat/lng coordinates and name, however, is there any way we could query for the FrequencyID in order to get more info about it? Info such as frequency name, type, grouping, frequency… Cheers :)

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FrequencyID is a Guid generated from the FrequencyName+Type+FrequencyInteger

For now, you can use this as a ref for the Type item:
Ground = 0

If you want to find out exactly what it is, here’s how I generate the ID from the X-Plane Data:

// For Tower/Ground/Unicom
var fullFrequencyName = frequency.ICAO + frequency.FrequencyType.ToString() + frequency.IntegerFrequency.ToString();

// For Approach/Departire/Center, names are curated… and it’s difficult to post it here…
var fullFrequencyName = frequency.Name + frequency.FrequencyType.ToString() + frequency.IntegerFrequency.ToString();

// Generate the Guid from the frequency name
using (MD5 md5 = MD5.Create())
byte[] hash = md5.ComputeHash(Encoding.Default.GetBytes(fullFrequencyName));
return new Guid(hash);


I see, thanks! I’ll need to reparse my airport data… may fetch it all directly from the airports repo to have it up to date :smile:

I’ll find a way of parsing these IDs later!

@Swang007 If you are an android user, go here: Infinite Flight Live Tracker for Android

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By the way, talking about notifications…one thing that would be nice is for controllers to get a notification when lots of airplanes are in an area with no controllers on duty :)


No sorry, I’m on iOS

@carmalonso @ValXp just added a “Requirements” section. Please check it out and implement what is specified. Thanks!

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Definitely possible. I can make the app work on chrome as a chrome app and it should work on desktop with any OS. I will try that later because I need to setup a lot of things for that.


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Mac/PC version of ATC mode is a must-have!

Is there an API call available or in the works that displays all airport Lat and Long details for a given region?