Infinite Flight Live API [Developers Only]

This message is for developers only

We’re working on a public API that will expose some of the Infinite Flight Live real time data and we’re looking for developers interested in buildings apps or websites using this data. (real time maps, and things of that sort)

If you are a developer want to know more, please ping me via direct message in this forum.

If you are not a developer and have no coding experience, please do not contact me with questions on how to code or what this API business is about, thanks!.



Hi Matt,

Sorry for the non PM, I don’t seem to be able to send them.

I’m a professional .Net developer, Microsoft Certified and would love some more info on the API.

If you can PM me please do, would love to have a play.


Can you create a iOs app (like FR24) for livetracking planes on IF please?

@SaeahNewtonio is right, I’m working on an iOS app :)

More soon, be sure to follow LiveFlight for more info:


Hi Matt,
I am studying Computing at Plymouth University and i have to do a project of my choice, as i am a fan of Infinite Flight and a regular player, i would like the oppotunity to make a live real time flight tracker as my university project, for this project i will make a website and use the Infinite flight API along with the Google Maps API to assist me with the project, i have knowledge in HTML, C#, C++, Javascript and SQL. i look forward to your response.
Many Thanks.
Tyler Wills


That sounds great! Ping me at to get an api key when you’re ready to get started on this project.



Hi, I am looking for a way to filter the flights over the live app. I just wanted to show specific airlines or flights over each regions.

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Have you tried contacting Matt with a PM?

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