Infinite Flight Live API - ATC?

Hello! I just had an idea, but I want to see if it’s possible before I go deeper into it. Does anybody know if you can send ATC commands as a controller with the Infinite Flight Live API? Any help or feedback is appreciated!


Jake :)


It’s impossible with the Infinite Flight Live API to execute actions such as sending ATC commands or anything else. You can only get data with this API.

What about this though? I know you can send ATC responses from a pilot standpoint (LiveFlight Connect). It should be possible from a controller standpoint as well.

As I said there is no way you can send ATC commands with the IF Live API.
It would be stupid if we could and it would mean all the devs can send random commands to every pilot in each and every server.

Maybe with black magic you can and I won’t stop you from trying :)

But the only way for a third party app to execute actions in Infinite Flight is with the Local API but I don’t know much about it so maybe you can check by yourself if it is possible to use the local API to send commands as an ATC.

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Sorry guys, but I just wanted to point out what I know from a developer’s point of view.

It is possible to send ATC Messages through the API, but a second device is required. When connecting to the IFC (Infinite Flight Connect) API there is the possibility to send commands. They cannot be sent via the Infinite Flight Live API.

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@KaiM That’s all I wanted to hear, thank you! :)

I am going to be honest here. You didn’t add anything new at all and you may be spreading false information here.

I said that twice and emphasized on the fact the second time that it would be absurd if we could send ATC commands as an ATC or even as a pilot.

You didn’t answer @jakevaz423’s question :

The short answer as we both said is NO.

Now if we want to add more to our answer, I said that there is maybe the possibility to send messages as an ATC but only with the local API.
It’s no secret that we can send ATC messages if the user is a pilot but we haven’t seen it yet if it was possible as an ATC and there is where you didn’t answer his question @KaiM, you only said that it was possible to send ATC messages through IFC but at which standpoint? as a pilot? as an ATC? or both? And now some people are hearing things that haven’t been written :) (not trying to be condescending it happens to me aswell). If it is really possible then have you tried to send commands as an ATC through the IF local API?

Now I have been doing a little a bit of research and I have came across a documentation that I didn’t look for a while that was made last year (changes has been made to the API but nothing has been heard yet about changes on the controller’s side). There is nothing written on the doc that could show that we can send commands as an ATC, only the possibility of doing it as a pilot.

But I have swiftly looked into (again 😂) Laura’s demo app code and nothing proves that we can not send commands as an ATC so as I said before this has to be checked and @jakevaz423 can do it himself and I am sure he is capable to :)

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Apologies, I misread the question.

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