Infinite Flight literally saved my life today

Hello all! This is a tale for all (especially young) IFC members, let my story be a warning to you to NEVER open the door to strangers, and always be playing Infinite Flight cuz it might just save your life.

I was having a meeting today in my living room, and since it was a boring meeting, I decided to do a flight. I set up my iPad in front of my laptop and started a flight as Emirates 237 Heavy from Dubai to Boston.

Just as I was cleared for takeoff, somebody knocked on my door. Perhaps out of fear that I was gonna miss the takeoff, I opened the door without checking who’s outside. NEVER DO THAT.

A gentleman standing outside asked me what time it was, to which I responded that I didn’t know. He then asked me if I was alone, which is a terrible sign. I tried to close the door, but he started running in. I held him off at the door for a few seconds but then he gestures that he has a weapon and threatened my life. I got scared and backed off, and he ran into my apartment.

This is when I notice that his pockets are empty. He doesn’t have a weapon. I ran after him to the table, and started yelling for help and calling 911. He gets startled, grabs the first thing he sees and runs: the iPad.

Luckily for me, thanks to Infinite Flight, the iPad was the first thing on the table. He didn’t grab my phone, nor laptop, nor go in further into my bedroom and take my more personal belongings. I was able to contact authorities quickly, and most importantly, stay unharmed throughout the situation. If you’re the ATC controlling Dubai this morning and wondering why Emirates 237 Heavy sat on the runway without taking off: I got robbed.

Anyways, this is a reminder to everyone to always stay safe. Enjoy your days, and be careful.


I’m so sorry to hear about that and I’m so glad that you’re okay.


Crap, that’s crazy. Never open the doors for strangers who you don’t know! Glad you are okay.


I’m sorry to hear that. I’m glad that you are ok and hopefully you’ll get your iPad back soon and the thief will be arrested!


Craziest thing ever! I hope you’re okay!


Oh no!
Not sure whereas you live but I wish you the best with local law enforcement!
Your lucky he didn’t reach for deadly utensils found around the kitchen!

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Exactly. This is literally a suicidal action in situations like this. You don’t really know the intentions of the person in question.

Glad to know you are ok @JerryC! Let us know if you need anything. :)

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This is why I say Infinite Flight saved my life. The iPad was open on the table and was easy for him to grab, so he didn’t have time/need to go grab other things that might be more important or could hurt me.

The true lesson here is that I messed up superiorly. Seattle PD is investigating, but due to the nature of the crime, it’s unlikely I will hear anything back, but I can always hope.


Bro that is terrifying hope your OK

This is crazy. I’m glad you’re ok. Hopefully we can get the IPad back

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That’s a horrifying experience I hope u are safe and u can get ur iPad back soon

Oh my god dude, i’m so sorry to here that, we’re glad that you’re fine though, your life is way more important than infinite flight

I am sorry to hear that happend to you. I would recomend trying to track the location of the iPad through Find My, give the location to the poluce, and put the iPad on lockdown mode, so the crook can no longer access it.

holy. My heart raced just from reading all that. I’m glad you were not injured, and I think you handled the situation well… Sorry to hear that though, but again I’m glad you’re safe now. Hope the robber gets caught soon and the situation resolves!

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The legend says Emirates 237 Heavy is still on this runway…

Jokes apart, I hope you’re all fine now and that you’ll get to retrieve your iPad


Yikes, that must have been a scary situation. I’m glad to hear you’re alright and unharmed!

WoW 😯 that’s crazy, glad you’re safe!

The iPad is replaceable, unlike your life…Glad you are ok!!!

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I’ve opened the door without looking first way too many times. After this reading your truly horrifying experience, ill definitely be more careful in the future.

Wow. That’s all I have to say