Infinite Flight Lite?

So I came up with an idea for Infinite Flight. My idea is to have a lite or reduced version for devices that run IF slow or that don’t work well with it anymore. Some of my ideas for it would be. Aircraft with with not as many features so the device doesn’t have too much to work with. Lower definition scenery. Lower the definition of multiplayer aircraft even more so at crowded airports there will be less lag to the player.

I was wondering about this and if this were implemented (Not saying it has to be right this minute) It would be a good alternative to players whose devices have trouble running IF.


I think that this would be difficult for the team though. They’d still have to dedicate resources to support a different version; such as staff technical support, server maintenance and valuable time from development progression.

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My idea would be that even if you were on one app or the other you would still be able to go to each of the servers that are already set up

Not technically viable. Thanks for the suggestion though!