Infinite Flight Light System

Taxi Lights, Landing Lights, Airport lights are one of the most important features that should be present in the game but are not and at night there is like no visibility at the airport and even the landing light doesn’t light up the runway, why so?


Because it takes time to develop


This one could be something for you: Infinite Flight Staff Live Stream Recap

I suggest doing some more research yourself, the why’s and how’s have been explained shy of 4,000 times by staff. No need to create a whole topic on this…

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Can we be somewhat less confrontational towards new users, maybe? ;)

We’ve all been clueless at some point.


Apologies. I’m simply getting bored and bothered when people’s first post is something that can be easily found, just about anywhere.


Yep. 11 years.

This is being worked on in project metal

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Not spreading any hate but it’s been more than 10 years 😩😩

I didn’t know we counted every feature ever asked for as “In development” since the app was launched.


My bad 🥲 I’m sorry

Well that’s the time it takes surely!

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