Infinite Flight Landings (Eps 1)

Hi guys I just made a video about Aircraft Landings in Infinite Flight and i post it on Youtube.
If you guys have time pls check it out and maybe I will make some more. Thanks :wink:

Infinite Flight Landings (Eps 1):

If you have any suggestion of something I should add on my next video then leave a reply below.

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Intresting, @Jonathan_Adrian. I am not the best at landings, so good job on the technique on landing.

Thanks! But you can also see some hard landings on the video…LoL!

  1. Good but hard.
  2. HDG was clearly on, no flare, very hard.
  3. Good.
  4. No flare, hard.
  5. No flare, hard.

Honestly, all landings seem to be done by the A/P :confused:

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I rarely land with AP. Takes the fun out of flying.

AP is only useful to maintain a stable climb and cruise. I hate controlling computers-I want to control the aircraft.

Long live the DC-9!

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I never land or takeoff with A/P, no matter the weather conditions.
I try to make it as realistic as possible and to improve my skills.

And indeed, landing with the A/P is no fun.

That was a good video. Unfortunately I have to agree with the others no flare. And it looked like you used the A/P which takes the fun out of flying. Apart from that thought it was good. Just one question what is the name of the song you used. It sounded great

I really dont use AP at all! Im just following the circle and aim it to the runway at the HUD.

The song name is in the credit at the back of my video. I kinda of forgot the artist name but the song name is Cant slow down.

Thanks a million

Your welcome

@Jonathan_Adrian Really nice work Jonathan! I enjoyed it emmencly!
As a Seat of the Pants guy consider an aerobatics go with the Super Decatholon. We gotta get some interest in “real flying”. Do good work!
Mad Max Sends

(PS: Criticism here is like an A## Hole Jon, everybody got one. LOL)

Tx for the suggestion:)

Amazing! How did you take the videos?

Reflector app

@Laurens if you want to make it realistic why are you using IF? Its more of a multiplayer interactive game than a sim.

Well, I guess you’re the only one here who’s thinking of it in that way.

Ok no problem. Guessing you’re a real pilot then?