Infinite flight landing count

I don’t know why but it seems like someone in the infinite flight staff has been taking away my landings and it’s really getting annoying or something idk but it has happened a couple of times

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I can assure you that no one has taken away any landings from you :)

Could it be that you’re referring to the variable called “Landings (90 days)”. If so, that variable works in such a way that any landing that were made more than 90 days ago are removed from that counter.


Ohhhhh ok and this happens to everyone I’m assuming?

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Yes, of course :)

To maintain a certain grade, some level of activity is required over rolling time. It’s most noticeable on the higher grades since those are simply designed to be a bit more “special” & harder to both reach and maintain.

Ok thank you for that I thought something totally different was happening but now I know

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No worries!

You can find out more about how the grade works here, in our User Guide: