Infinite Flight Landing Compilation [HD]

Hello again everyone! Hope you’re all staying safe and well.

Just thought I would share my most recent YouTube video featuring landings in both windy and calm conditions. It was all filmed on solo but there’s more cool videos to come! ✌🏼



This looks so cool! Wauw!

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Nice! Given a like I didn’t know thr A350 liked playing flapping bird 😏

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Let’s be real here, the only thing people (who have IF pro) use solo for, is to perform turbulent landings.

Good butter vids anyway mate! ;)


Haha to true

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Nice! I’ve always wanted to know, where was those first few shots taken?

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Good job, love it ! l

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Thanks, and absolutely! The majority of the shots were taken at LGW, the Cessna at Lydd, and air New Zealand was shot at Auckland

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the wing flex on the A359 is stunning

I’m loving this video, it just comes together, wow!

This honestly just made my day!❤️

It is such a good video‼️😊👌 and the pilots did a good job as well.

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Very nice video, well done 👍!!

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