Infinite Flight lags on takeoff and inflight before crashing

Hi all,
I’m new to Infinite Flight. I like it and it’s fun, but the thing that’s bugging me is when I takeoff and climb it lags for either 2 seconds or a little while and then the app crashes on me. I have everything as low as I can get it and it’s the only app running on my device when I play it. Does anyone else have this problem and any tips on how to get it working properly? My device runs on Android 9, and the app loads fine till I start taking off onwards.

Hey, can u tell me ur device storage?

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To add on, maybe try reinstalling the app, clearing out replays, and clearing scenery cache. (I’m not sure if clearing cache helps performance)

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^ deleting and reinstalling IF clears a lot of storage…i do it all the time

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I’ve yet to do it myself, I should try sometime though, because I do have to keep my iPad hooked up to the charger and the brightness lower for it to charge. And maybe clearing the storage lowers the rate at which the apps “works”.

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Welcome to the community! We are glad to have you here with us. Try checking out this thread:

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Welcome to the community @Dazzer ! Glad to have you here. I suggest checking out this thread to learn more about the community.

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Thanks for the welcome! I’ll have a look at the thread. For future reference, how do I change a topic from #general to #support etc?

16GB, I have the app installed with plenty of space available and it’s starting to work a little better now

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