Infinite flight lagging very hard as soon as I spawn in

Hi there! Just wonder if anyone else is having this performance problem but I have tried on 2 devices now and no matter if I’m in solo or multiplayer when i spawn in a couple minutes in it will start lagging very hard, is there any way to fix this?
Many Thanks!


Hi there!

Could you tell us your device and graphics settings please.

Cign :)

Hello! Thank you for your response, the first device I normally use is my iPhone 6s but then when lag started to happen I switched to my iPhone X, the iPhone X runs on High Graphics all the time unless I’m doing long hauls which then I put it to low and the 6s I run on medium graphics and the same for long hauls, I turn them down to low.

Many thanks!


That seems all good the 6S is an old phone so won’t run IF well anymore especially with things like the 772 that has live cockpit, your X should be absolutely fine its normal to run graphics on low on a long flight, even I do. If you want anymore info check out the thread attached and look at your device :)

I would also recommend turning your airplane count down to reduce lag.


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Hi Max!

Just like @Captain_Cign as recommended, the Device Compatibility Thread is definitely somewhere I’ll recommend for you because there’s in depth analysis on how to use your iPhone X, which I believe should run smoothly on there.

But an extra suggestion will be firstly to make sure you have no apps running at all in the background and then, to maybe keep the graphic settings and basically your performance settings on low initially, then as time goes on as you fly you can gradually increase the settings. I believe that could help.

Hope that helps!



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