Infinite Flight lagging on iPadOS 13.1/13.1.2

That would not help and back then it was called iPhoneOS 1.0. Also the iPhone 2G won’t be able to run it anyway and IF wasn’t released on iOS until 2013.

I’m holding off upgrading my iPad to 13x until I read an all-clear somewhere. I suspect the IF Dev team is doing their testing and for now 12.x is working just fine.

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Indeed. Debating on downgrading back to 12.4. I also suspect the IF team is doing their best with what they can in terms to the new operating system.

Its a good thing to hold off on new releases on operating systems for sure!

You guys had any luck on this? There’s a new update out and it’s working like a dream again on 13.1.2.

That’s good to hear! I haven’t updated yet but my iPad Pro 2018 has been lagging on 13.1 significantly.

I’m noticing a frame rate decrease since 13.1.2 actually. Iphone XS max

Odd. I’m not (XS Max)

Haven’t checked my iPad though…

No 13.1.2 hasn’t remedied the frame rate issue I’m experiencing on the iPad Pro 11.

iOS 13.2 is in the beta stage and I hopefully expect that to be the fix with any system issues that may be holding back IF.

I get ‘device memory low’ messages on the ground around other aircraft from time to time since iPadOS was released.

I’m on a five year old iPad Air 2 with 13.1 and I have no isssues…

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This seems to be mostly isolated to the iPad Pro 11.

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Hmm that’s strange

I have the iPad Pro 12.9 2018 and having this issue as well.

I’m on the iPad 6th Generation and have as well.

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Ok good to know. I will update this weekend.

But 13.1 is the one that’s reportedly having issues…

So far I have not experienced any issues. But for infinite flight here is some advice that might help reduce lag:
-reduce brightness after takeoff (preferably half)
-enable low power mode
-turn on limit frame-rate after takeoff
-before every flight, restart device (this is crucial)

Hope that helps

before every flight, restart device (this is crucial to clear ram). Don’t have any apps running in the background when IF is used

Unfortunately, that is not really relevant to this particular issue.


I use iPad Air 2(28/12/2014) with IPad OS 13.1.2. No matter with IF

I’m having a lot of stuttering and lag since updating to 13.1.2 on my phone, on all applications pretty much. After a quick google search it seems I am not alone, and it’s not even dependent on the device age.

I may just attempt to go back to 12 at this point.