Infinite Flight lagging on iPadOS 13.1/13.1.2

I would have never reinstalled. It’s always what it is said here to delay the problem in time.
We ought to wait for an IF update with iPadOS in mind. In April 2020 all apps will be forced to be adapted to iPadOS (otherwise kicked out) - and in 2020 Xbox Microsoft Flight Sim, so…

Ah well thanks for the update dude and sorry it’s still going on. I’ve also gone for the classic “reinstall” restart etc solution and… it’s still a bit more laggy than before. Looking at various forums, it’s now a known issue. Not specifically for I.F, but across the board of ios13 users and general lag. Some are affected, some aren’t. I keep all electronics devices free of cookies, updated and clean at all times and even with massive surplus memory on the iPad Pro 11, it’s still happening.

Sadly, it looks like it’s something we (collectively being anyone affected by it) will have to tough out until Apple release a post update bug fix update, unless someone can figure out another way.

Yes this is what I am experiencing also.

Yeah that didn’t do anything. Except my text-to-speech all of a sudden sounds a lot more natural 🤣

Interesting. I hope we get some sort of statement whether this issue is a iOS issue or just an optimization issue with IF. If it is the latter, we very well will be waiting months for a bugs & fixes update from Apple.

13.1 have been out since Tuesday.

Oops my bad, read an old article🤦🏻‍♂️

We’ve looked into this a bit more - and yes, it’s definitely a thing.

We’ve compared several other high-performance apps and they display the same behavior. For example, i compared an app that have similar performance requirements as Infinite Flight does using it on both my iPhone XS Max and on my brand new iPad 11 Pro… the differences were spot on the same. Even though it should run at 60fps, it’s running slightly lower on my iPad with some minor but yet noticeable stuttering.

This is obviously an iPadOS thing, but we’ll look into if there’s something that needs to be done on our end to correct this. Or if it’s a matter of waiting out Apple here…


It seems it is affecting other games too. FIFA and other games seem heavily affected too. Seems like an iPadOS issue. Have anybody found any workaround?

Please read the reply above yours’ :)

Unfortunately the issue still seems to remain on 13.1.1.


Hopefully it will be ironed out soon. It’s a shame that it’s happened at the very same time as you picking up the new 'pad. Aside from this issue, hopefully you’re enjoying it! I picked up the Pro 11 earlier in the year and was blown away by the way I.F worked with it. It’s a great bit of kit.

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I may be experiencing issues on my older phone (iPhone 6s) compared to what it was like before updating to iOS 13.1, I’m now on 13.1.1. I normally can get some lag and stuttering but it seems to be worse since updating. I am also noticing this with other apps.

That is somewhat expected considering the phones age, but still. It’s no fun.

No of course, I mean comparing apples to apples, 12.4.1 to 13.0/13.1/13.1.1. 13.0 wasn’t actually bad compared to 13.1/13.1.1.

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iOS/iPadOS 13.1.2 has been released today. Downloaded & installed on my iPad and it doesn’t seem to have remedied the frame rate issue.

Its been promising so far seeing Apple release this many updates in such a short period of time.

That would not help and back then it was called iPhoneOS 1.0. Also the iPhone 2G won’t be able to run it anyway and IF wasn’t released on iOS until 2013.

I’m holding off upgrading my iPad to 13x until I read an all-clear somewhere. I suspect the IF Dev team is doing their testing and for now 12.x is working just fine.

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Indeed. Debating on downgrading back to 12.4. I also suspect the IF team is doing their best with what they can in terms to the new operating system.

Its a good thing to hold off on new releases on operating systems for sure!

You guys had any luck on this? There’s a new update out and it’s working like a dream again on 13.1.2.

That’s good to hear! I haven’t updated yet but my iPad Pro 2018 has been lagging on 13.1 significantly.

I’m noticing a frame rate decrease since 13.1.2 actually. Iphone XS max