Infinite Flight lagging on iPadOS 13.1/13.1.2

A quick question to anyone running iPadOS 13.1 on 2018 iPad Pro hardware. Are you experiencing reduced performance on Infinite Flight? On the last release of iOS 12, I was able to run Infinite Flight on max settings no problem. Understandably iPadOS was released on 9/24/19, so as of today iPadOS a day old for the general release.

The symptoms are reduced frame rate and/or lagging.

My Hardware: 2018 iPad Pro 11

Any insight on this issue?

Thanks again!

Don’t say that… I’m picking up that iPad tomorrow.

No reported issues with iOS/iPadOS 13.x in terms of performance. Not as much as a beep :)


Interesting. I searched the forum and could not find any related problems to what I am experiencing also. I may wipe and reset my iPad as a last resort to see if that fixes the issue.

At this point, switching on reduced frame rate is something I’m not looking forward to!

I can’t say that I’ve experienced this with 13.1 on my Pro 11” at all. Is this an issue all of the time or in certain situations such as a busy airport at FNF? On my iPhone XR while running 13.0 I did notice some oddities when my internet connection wasn’t outstanding but as soon as I went back in the house and had a better WiFi signal it was fine.

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Maybe during those times of lag, try turning off the limit frame rate, as i was experiencing what looked like lag but could’ve been a number of things, but as soon as i turned off limit frame rate it felt like all that lag was gone. But don’t forget to turn it back on as it will or may cause your device to overheat

I would asume you would have mentioned it but I’ve noticed some input lag when using an Xbox controller, perhaps you were mistaking that for game lag if you were using one…

infinite flight works perfectly on iPadOS for me. I just noticed a few bugs out of IF

It’s a issue when around multiplayer aircraft or on solo mode. I have not had the OS long enough to be apart of FNF though. Internet connection is fine as I am using home fiber optic.

Do you mean turning on? I’ve never had to turn on Limit Frame Rate because I never had heating issues.

No I don’t use a Xbox controller. Tried it out on the iPhone X for a bit, but I don’t play IF on iPhone.

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You keep your limit frame rate off? Maybe try turning it on, so it’s less work on your device:)

Here’s my second guess, go into settings an check you’re battery health. I know they started the battery throttle thing for Xs devices in 13.1 if the devices had poor battery health. Rembered this feature isn’t to slow down you’re device so you buy a new one, but to protect you’re battery no need to be upset, so they may have enabled it for last year’s pro’s too…

That is what I am trying not to resort to permanently. I turned it on and its just not a great experience.

Battery health is fine. iPad Pro is only 4 months old.


I actually just checked too, and IPads are as far as I can find not subjected to battery health stuff for better or worse…

Question, If I uninstall & reinstall Infinite Flight, will I loose all my replay data? If so, is there a way to save and re-upload?

I have an iPad Air 2019 worked with iPadOS 13.1 and working perfectly without any lag nor limited frame rate

You will lose all replays if you delete Infinite Flight. You can save them to Google Drive or any cloud service though.

I’m experiencing reduced performance on the iPad Pro 2019 after the iOS 13 update. It’s nothing bad on the iPad, it’s a great piece of kit. It’s the update for iOS that is killing it - even Apple themselves have admitted that it’s a train wreck of an update. They are redoing it apparently as a matter of urgency. It’s pretty much killed my iPhone general speeds as well.

Are you experiencing the reduced frame rate and/or lag all the time or some of the time?

Frame rate and lag. It’s more noticeable when rolling down the runway on I.F and scrolling through other apps as well. On another note, Apple have themselves said it’s a massive security fail for phone contacts as well. Having faith and being positive though, they’ll sort it ASAP.

I’m not noticing reduced speeds on the OS itself, matter of fact it has increased the speeds on my iPhone & iPad, but reduced performance on Infinite Flight. I have heard that the iOS & iPadOS general release has been very buggy.

Yes all the time.

Exactly this. In my case it is everywhere though.

I will be reinstalling Infinite Flight and will come back here with an update shortly.

Yes please will be interesting to see if the reinstall works. A restart of the iPad and phone just now seem to have done wonders for the general (non I.F speeds) and as you said it seems to have sped up the general interface but time will tell.

Fingers crossed for the I.F install though, that’s the main one!