Infinite Flight lagging on iPad Pro

First, I’m glad to find out the terrain issue has been hot fixed , now almost all terrain are load properly.
And, there comes new problem, every time when flight time over 30-40 min, app running very slow, and there’s huge amount data interchange between device and server.
see picture below.
My Device; iPad pro 9.7 running iOS 11.1 beta3

Do you have a reduce FPS option on? My iPad pro has iOS 11 and runs fine.


you mean check the Limit Frame Rate?

Well checking it reduces frame rate, is it checked now?

yes, I always checked this option, now I assume maybe is iOS beta cause this problem since you have no problem about this. I’ll try more times.

I don’t think it’s data consumption you see in the top left. It’s memory related transfers.

I’m running the exact same device with the same iOS 11 version as you, and i have no issues.
I’d recommend that you restart/reset RAM more often, as the reason for your lag is probably due to low available RAM.

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I occasionally have the same issue too, but it’s the terrain glitches that is affecting my experience instead… I also run iOS 11.1 beta 3, and had already asked support 2 days ago. It’s probably due to compatibility issues with the beta software.

Are you running ios 11.1 beta 3? And you did not have any issues? If so, it’s strange cause I have a lot of issues running the beta software and IF at the same time.

Yep. No issues at all here.
I just clear RAM before flying.

Really? Since the release of Global, my device always fail to load airport tarmacs, and my aircraft would just sink right through them. I always thought it was a compatibility issue, because clearing RAM for me don’t work in resolving the glitch. Will you be disconnected to the global server if you are at a busy airport (eg KJFK)?

Nope. Can’t say i have that issue.

This has nothing to do with data transfer. Disregard those numbers.