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اهلا وسهلا بكم في تجمع انفنت الكويت. 🇰🇼


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We are a group of Kuwaiti pilots who love Infinite Flight. We found that our main airport Kuwait International Airport is not busy airport in IF, So we decided to set goal to make our main airport and hub ( OKBK ) one of the busiest airports in Arabian countries. Our store starts on June 2018 when Our CEO Mohammad Alshammari decide to found this organization. We start at that time with two members and now we are more than 50 members all of them are Kuwaiti citizens and Residents. And we have at least 20 members with GRADE 5. We proud to teach people about aviation in general and about IF in our main language ARABIC.

Actually we are an organization not a Virtual Airline so we usually Fly from or to our main hub OKBK, Short , Medium and Long hauls

Here is our head managers :

We will follow this ranking System on next May.

  • TRAINEE ⭐️ :
  1. New members.
  2. They must be in this rank at least one month before they are promotedpromote to next rank.
  • FIRST OFFICER ⭐️⭐️ :
  1. Flying at least 2 flights in last 10 event flights.

  2. Grade 3 or above.

  • CAPTAIN ⭐️⭐️⭐️:
  1. Flying at least 5 flights in the last 10 event flights.

  2. Grade 4 or above.

  • CHIEF CAPTAIN ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️:
  1. Flying 10 flights in last 10 event flights

  2. Grade 5.

We communicate in these apps:

  1. WhatsApp group : for regular chatting and gathering

  2. Discord : we use this app for making a tutorials in Arabic about IF for our members and chatting while events in case there if there is any questions.

  3. Slack : we are working on this app to make it our main communications platform soon.

Please read this requirements before applying:

  1. Able to speak and read ARABIC.

  2. Must be age 16 or above.

  3. At least grade 3 or above.

  4. Able to use organization code and callsign on IF display:

  • Example : IFKWT ( your nick name) + callsign KAC(XXX).
  1. Able to participate at least two flights at last 10 group events.

  2. Provide full and correct details on application form.

IF you met the requirements above please feel free to fill the application form here.

Website | Instagram | YouTube | Join us


Such a nice thread, Good luck!


Well constructed and thought out but you’ll miss out on a lot of pilots by restricting your intake to just Kuwaiti, Arabic speaking residents which means you’ll probably never make your hub the busiest Arab airport!

Best of luck to you, I wish you good fortune.

Inshallah إِنْ شَاءَ ٱللَّٰهُ‎,


The best team and best organization I’ve ever seen,
I wish you more progress and prosperity.
Thanks to the organizers and the members.

As we say ( together we can ) 👏🏽


Looks very well organized and put together, keep growing guys I believe you can become a great community!


Nice work - all the very best of luck!


Thanks to the organizers and the members
Glad to be in IF Kuwait group
together we can

Best regards,


Glad to be one of the administrators at the most efficient and effective community. Still learning more from you guys. I’m pretty sure that “Together we can” and the future is awaiting for all of us. Rise and shine IFKWT !! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


I would have loved to join, since i have been myself living in the gulf for past 20 years and now after looking at this requirements I can’t, maybe the team should reconsider their requirements.

I still wish the very best to IFKuwait.


I am very happy I am a member of this

There’s no closed runways in IF, unless ATC or a TFR is in place to tell you. Red runways mean the winds don’t favor that side.


Hey guys. Next time, can you guys please resolve this via PM?

Hey there! I’ve been ATC for you guys before! Keep up the great work! @ALSHAMMARI

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Thank you brother, hope to have you again ♥️

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@Infinite_Pro please continue the conversation in a PM. Thank you.


Our event today From our hub OKBK To OMAA ♥️


Wow! That’s a lot of aircraft, looks fun!


Great thread!

However I do think that you would get a lot more pilots if you change the language and ethnicity rule…

The most wonderful and organized flight, as you always do. Keep up the fascinating work !! 👏🏻👏🏻


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