Infinite Flight killing my phone's battery

I would like to ask what i can do to prevent battery damage from if , beacuse if damaged my phone’s battery but i would like to find if i can do something to prevent further damage.

My phone is an iPhone XS MAX.

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Enable the low power mode

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Make sure Low power mode is enabled, Limit frame rate is ON, and turn your brightness down when you are at cruise, especially for long flights.


I have also found that putting you volume down reduces battery draining in flight if you also wanna try that.

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Adding on to what @LachyRobertson said, in the graphics page turn Anti-Aliasing off and perhaps reduce the graphics quality. Definitely preserves battery life.

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I always charge while flying


You should DEFINITELY go to Settings then General then Accessibility then Display Accommodations then Reduce White Point. This reduces your brightness even more than you normally can, saving battery life! I can’t recommend this enough!

On top of what others said, you should also be mindful of the fact that the iPhone XS Max has an OLED screen which can burn-in, so you should disable the status bar when leaving your phone for long periods of time and set it to a view that only shows the ground (unless it’s an ocean) so that all of the pixels are moving and that the chance of burn-in is reduced.

I know burn-in isn’t a big issue since the phone is so new and burn-in typically doesn’t take place till four years of having the phone - but it’s something you should keep in mind.


IF is a known battery killer I always fly in with a charger ready near by and on wifi. It helps to turn down brightness and I always restart my phone before flying. My last tip would be delete the app every so often it clears all of the downloads that take up quite a bit of space. The app is only 68 MB but after flying for a few days its 3 GB’s.


Just be aware when deleting the app that all your replays will also be deleted.

Many good tips for IF reducing power consumption.

Damage to your battery doesn’t come from power demanding apps, but from the way you treat it.
Apple has some good tips:


I can get around 5 hours on my XR battery.
Anti Aliasing on
Frame rate limit on
brightness low
low power mode on
graphics best

A lot of people above mention working tactics, they are great to use. This is completely normal with IF (always need a charger near you). Just make sure it does not burn through. If it gets too hot close the app and let it cool down.
Happy flying,

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These are my steps to lower battery consumption on Infinite Flight.

  1. Set graphics to FAST
  2. Set anti aliasing to OFF
  3. Set SFX volume to LOW or MUTE
  4. Set Enable Automatic Low Power to ON
  5. Set the time to NIGHT
  6. Set your brightness to the LOWEST setting
  7. Place your phone infront of something cool like an electric fan or air conditioner to cool down.
  8. Once the phone is not hot anymore, place it somewhere else and dont touch it or do anything until you have to start descending.

These steps will help you achieve the lowest power consumption possible.

So uh yeah 😁👍


I always leave my device charging while flying

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Doing that too :)

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Everyone repeated each other on here 🤦‍♂️

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