Infinite flight keeps taking more and more storage

I wanted to see how many GB IF is taking and last time I check, it said 3 GB, now it says 7GB, and I keeps going up, even when I am not playing the game, I do not play for a few days, the app then takes up like 200mb of storage, help pls (my phone is about to run out)

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Try clearing your scenery cache in settings, should free up a lot of space for you! Let me know if this works

regularly clear your scenery cache, which can fill up pretty quickly without you knowing, also go ahead and delete replays that you wont ever watch :)
also also, go ahead and clear all your other app caches, which can wipe gigabytes of unnecessary data off your device that you didn’t know you had

I reinstalled my app a couple months ago because of an issue, and the size of IF went down drastically, not sure why. But as mentioned you could also delete replay files. I prefer to back up the ones I want most onto my google drive and delete the rest.

Ok! Thank you all, I will try that!

Make sure to back up replay files you want before reinstalling though, as they will not be saved. Had to learn that the hard way.

Replays take a lot of storage thus why deleting the app clears a lot of storage since it deletes replays when you do that. Try deleting your replays and it’ll clear ya a lot of storage.


You could try putting your favorite replay files into a hard drive.


Scenery never takes up more than 200MB give or take.
Replays & aircraft are the big ones. With replays being the one you’re in control over and can delete if needed :)


It’s also like that My IPAD already has low storage and it goes up and Im like OH NO! 😂

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