Infinite Flight keeps stopping

I’ve been trying to open the app for the past 5 minutes but it keeps on poping up with “Infinite Flight has stopped” & “Infinite Flight keeps stopping”. I have about 9.3 GB left of storage on my device

What I’ve done so far:
Deleted & re-installed the app
Restarted me device
Checked the storage
Cleaned the RAM
Closed all background apps

My Device:
Asus ZenPad 3S 10 (Z500M)
32GB Internal memory
9.7 Inch display
5900mAh Battery (Li-Po)
Android version 7.0

Thank you for your help!

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Where is it stopping at? Launching, flying spawning, etc?


I can’t open the app. I press on the icon & it instantly comes up with “Infinite Flight has stopped” @Chris_S

Update: I have restarted my device numerous amounts of time & the problem is still occurring


Do you use a SD-card? If yes, is Infinite Flight stored on it?

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No, I do not use a SD-card

Have you done a factory reset of your device? It solved the same problem for me once!

This is an odd one. Can you check and see if there are any system updates pending for your device?

Just checked & there isn’t anything

Try clearing the data maybe? Or give your device a hard reset?

Have you deleted any apps that you no longer use (ie games you no longer play) as that might help make IF run better because of more storage being available.

@BennyBoy it has nothing to do with that it should be able to open fine even with other apps on the phone

Hello sorry for the problem

I looking up ways to resolve and the play-store recommends

Clear out the app’s storage

  1. First, navigate to Settings on your device.
  2. Go to Applications & go to Application manager.
  3. Swipe left until you find the All tab.
  4. Scroll down to the app that’s causing problems and tap on it.
  5. Here you will find the Clear data and Clear cache options.

Thanks to everyone who helped me.

I managed to resolve the issue

I uninstalled IF, closed all of the background apps & restarted my device. Once I restarted my device I went to the Play Store and downloaded IF. I opened the app and everything was normal.

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