Infinite Flight keeps stopping and I can't delete or anything

Ok so I’m really nervous so forgive me if I’m a bit off but ok so I have just got grade 2 and 2 more landings and I clicked off and then now I can’t get into IF and like it keeps saying infinite flight keeps stopping and then I went onto my mum’s phone and logged into my account but it told me I was in my old acc that’s not even in live so I can’t delete it or anything so can anyone please help me I beg someone please help me I’m shaking right now with fear

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So, this a new account? Did you sign up using Google or Facebook?

To add, with the crashing. Did you ever restart the device.

First of all, let’s calm down. This accout isn’t the end of the world, and I’m sure we’ll be able to help you find it in no time. :)

Are you sure it’s the same account on your mums phone?

If your app is crashing, then check here. You haven’t updated the software recently, have you?

I would recommend this before deleting the app, or doing anything else. Just turn it off and on again.

Also I don’t think I signed up with Google as I haven’t linked it with google

It’s a newish account I had the first one without live and then I added live into it i got the live legit today one month ago

Ok let me try reply to all of these. Yes, it is the same acc.

If you haven’t got the subscription, but have your grade 2, it’s most likely because your subscription ran out. A 1 month subscription was most likely purchased.

I’ve restarted alot and yes I updated software like legit 10 mins ago

Well, if you didn’t sign up with google. You will have to a account transfer when the Techs come into this thread. In-case you uninstalled the app.

But like stated above, that also maybe a factor.

I payed my payment today

What is that?

Right, let’s hold on a second.

On your account (if viewable due to crashes), do you have your grade 2 showing when you are logged in, can you send us a screenshot if possible?

And for the crashing, what device is being used when the game crashes?

It went let me into the app but I have this ss from when I got g2 just earlier.

And it’s a Samsung galaxy a5

That was b4 I had this problem

I’m sorry if I’m rushing u guys I’m just really nervous

This is the error

When does this happen; Menu Screen, or In-flight?

Ok. So try uninstalling the app, then re-installing. All your replays will be permanently deleted, however nothing else will be affected. Some files may not have been downloaded incorrectly.

I can’t even get to the screen

Does that mean I’ll have to log back in?