Infinite flight keeps on crashing

I have an iPad Air 2 and now all of a sudden whenever I press ‘fly online’ the app crashes. I have more than 1GB storage left I don’t know how to fix it please help


Have you restarted your device and clear your RAM before going on flights? Infinite Flight needs RAM & Stroage but when you crash it’s usually RAM so in this case 1 GB Of storage does not matter ;).

Can you also try reducing graphics settings in your in game settings?

• Lower Brightness Settings
• Lower graphics settings
• Turn off Anti Aliasing


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I restarted it several times and I cleared the RAM twice but it still crashes. I’ll try reduce the graphics now

I did all that now but it still doesn’t want to work

Have you updated the app recently?
Might be an idea to reinstall if you have.

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I got the update yesterday. Would I delete it completely? And then instal it again?

Yes, try that. It will most likely take care of the issue.

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It seems to be working now at a different airport. Only at Dublin Aiport it would crash.

Odd… i’d still recommend a reinstall if the issue keeps occuring.

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Yeah really odd. I’ll do that if it keeps happening. Thanks

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