Infinite flight keeps on crashing while on final

Lately IF has been crashing a lot, especially on final. It has been happening for 6 flights so far. 4 of them were 10hr+ flights. I am very annoyed about this because I have just wasted 40+ hours of my life just for this game to crash. Is there any way to fix it?


Do you have any other apps in the background

Yes, I usually forget to close out safari because I use it to make a fp on SimBrief

That might be your issue because that has happened to me to but when I close all the apps it does not crash

Ok. I will try that now as I am JetBlue flight 118 from New York to Boston.

How much storage do you have unused?

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Make sure there is storage still left on your device, you could also try lowering your graphics and see if that helps.

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Alright I don’t have much left

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Alright I will do.

Please check the anti-aliasing was turned off, also resolution, 3D airports or graphics on game settings when you’re in IF. Don’t forget to adjust to low or medium so the game will runs smoother.

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Try to delete some things I normally get crashes with low storage.

Ok I have deleted all the storage and have turned off my phone and have done everything you nice people have told me to do and I would like to say it WORKS 🤩 thx you all for the help very much appreciated


This happens to me too!

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