Infinite Flight Keeps Crashing

I am currently using a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and for about a few weeks IF crashes randomly. It has gotten worse recently and it’s frustrating to be mid flight just to have the game close out. Is this happening to anyone else? This is the latest build of the app.


Doesn’t happen often to me.
How long are you on IF until it happens?
Does your device get hot?

Have you tried restarting your phone

How much RAM and storage does you phone have? :)

I don’t notice any abnormalities with my device. It happens sporadically there isn’t a certain length of time that passes. It can happen soon as I start the app or even an hour after I start it up. If it crashes mid flight I try to re create what I did but no dice it doesn’t crash again

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Does this happen whilst using and or responding to ATC?

My phone has about 2GB of storage left. (Didn’t realize that). As far as RAM i’m not sure but it is a Note 5 so i dunno…

The latest instance I was in cruise headed to KSAN on vectors but I wasn’t issued a command when the app closed out

I keep getting this on iPad Pro IOS too!

Does it freeze, say maybe for 1.5 seconds, than crash, or make a clicking sound?

Sometimes a message appears at the top of the screen saying your device memory is low. Did you ever see that appear while you were flying? :)

You can look up the specifications online about the Random Access Memory. It may possibly be due to storage, as I have an iOS Device. If It have little storage I will usually crash at random days (I will still be able to fly a full flight no problems though), until I delete many apps I don’t use and it will then be fine.

Also check your settings. Are your settings set to high graphics? If they are, set them to low graphics and see if that makes a difference.

No i’m pretty aware of those kinds of things. RAM is good device storage could be better. I think i’m on 4GB RAM if i’m not mistaken. 3gb the least

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You know what it’s so weird yesterday the app closed like 4 times in a row. So I gave up, but today I realised all my settings got reset to default, including graphics. I put the graphics back on high but i’ve been using high graphics for months.

You should try cleaning out some storage, then. Try deleting some old photos and maybe try removing some apps that you no longer use. :)


Will do and update on status, although the crashes are random

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Try to clear up some memory on your device, and try reducing your settings. Those are usually good places to start. :)


Just blame it on AR

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Bugger is always up to something.

On phones it’s not needed, Computers would require this kind of troubleshooting but not mobile/tablet devices. Trust me, I have had my Air 2 for 2 years now and it’s always had about 30mb storage left and Infinite Flight never crashes.