Infinite Flight keeps crashing

Infinite Flight has been crashing on me recently, and it’s a bit worrisome since I cleared up enough storage and deleted some apps that run in the background, I also set the graphics settings to the lowest possible while flying medium or long haul. But for some reason, whenever I land or takeoff when there’s other aircraft (even when it’s low count) it just keeps crashing on me. I don’t know if it’s the app itself or if it’s a problem on my end, but my 3 year old iPad is capable enough to run Infinite Flight. This is a recent issue btw.

iPad 9th Generation (64 GB):
iPadOS 17.5.1:

fun fact, the ipad (no suffix) uses an older processor than when it’s released. the 9th gen has the A13, released in 2019 so the processor was about 2 years old by the time the 9th gen ipad rolled up.
that’s not to say it’s an issue, i’ve seen others on here with 9th gens having no problem.

have you given the ipad a restart? despite how simple it is it can help a lot

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I’m going to try and restart and do a full reset to see if it works.

Just restart the device, save full (full = factory?) reset as an absolute last option. Things like reinstalling Infinite Flight, waiting for someone else to help - someone smarter than I - should come first

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