Infinite flight keeps crashing

Infinite flight has crashed four times, I do an initial flight and as I am setting up for my second flight the app crashes. I removed some large games to see if it was a space issue but did not fix the problem normally when the app crashes I am flying online mode.

Let me see if I can help you out.
What device are you using and what firmware is it on?

In my case the game don’t connect to the wifi it just works with the phone signal! Also last night I was flying and the app do not response and I get 5 overspeed violations and the plane don’t response is was like the app was in pause but flying!

You should contact someone for help if you got those violations for nothing.

Most likely a lack of memory and or internet.

Who I should contact?

@Gilberto_Felix Id contact a mod I know Misha is usually helpful or deercrusher. Also to fix the game crashes completely power off your device and turn it back on. Id also recommend deleting and redownloading the app it clears space on your device.
Hope that Helps!

Check this out. 🙂

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Hey it happened to me too, but i did follow some few easy steps and now my IF never crashes.
1- Switch on the Low power mode you can find that in the settings. ‘Enable Automatic Low Power’
2- While Cruising keep your brightness as low as possible
3- Make sure your internet connection is good cause sometimes if your internet disconnects from your wifi or whatever, IF freezes until the internet connection is established
4- Keep your graphics low and possibly tick the option where you have limit frame rate.
5- Don’t keep your device plugged in while you’re flying long hauls, for example while flying once your battery is below 50% plug your charger and then unplug once it’s 100%.
Follow these steps and your IF possibly won’t crash. :)

If it is the fact that you couldn’t control the aircraft you should end the flight immediately in case we cause violations. In this case a moderator could help.

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