Infinite Flight Keeps Crashing

Every time I join a live server, the app keeps on crashing and I am not sure why. I have tried with many different aircraft and it does the same thing. I am on the iPad 2017 and it is only a year old. I have tried clearing the Cache and that has not worked and I have deleted and reinstalled the app but that still does not work. Is there any way you could help me.


Maybe you could reset your router?

How stable is your Wi-Fi connection? Infinite Flight needs to secure a strong Wi-Fi connection to operate. Try resetting your router.

First of all, it’s not the WIFI connection since he says the apps is crashing.
Do you have the latest IOS? (11.4.1)

My Wifi is fine, I just checked.

Yes I have IOS 11.4.1

Alright, could you try and completely reboot your device? Also make sure to close any background apps.

Ok thanks I will try that now

That has worked. Thanks for your help @GustavZJ!

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Glad I could help and happy landings :)

You too! Happy Landings!