Infinite flight keeps crashing iOS

Hi there my IF keeps crashing at the end of my flights. I was approaching Heathrow just a moment ago and I randomly crashed and my fps was perfectly normal, again yesterday on the runway at Heathrow i crashed.

Device: IPad 8 (2020)

(Graphic setting’s all on high, fps is set to 60, anti aliasing is on)

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That is most definitely the problem sir!

Try putting 30FPS, turning Anti-Aliasing off, and reducing settings to medium.

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Ok thank you I will try messing around with my settings again. I am a bit confused though because my fps was fine.

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Running everything & highest settings AND 60fps is quite exhausting for your device.
You might actually get away with simply tuning things down to 30fps. Additionally, i would recommend leaving AA turned on. It doesn’t have as much negative impact on iOS as it does on Android.


Ok thank you!

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After doing what you have recommended some how the situation is worse. Before I can even takeoff I keep getting these random crashes. There’s no lag my device barely heating up as well.

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This keeps happening to me as well. I have more crashed flights (aka app crashed) than landings in the last few weeks. My device is up to date, I have followed every suggestion I’ve found on the forum, and I’ve even deleted everything off my device except Infinite Flight (and within IF, I deleted 100+ replays and cleared my scenery cache before almost every flight).

At first I was noticing this when approaching ATC-staffed airports. I thought the hot fix was helping, because after that update I was finally able to land my first longhaul flight in weeks. But then it started to happen again and now it crashes near arrival almost every day…even when just using Unicom. A few moments ago the app crashed on approach and I wasn’t even close enough to the airport to connect to Unicom yet.

Frustrating to say the least.

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Agreed are you android or iOS?


I have not kept all my settings on “high” but it’s still crashing.


The hotfix for 22.1 solved a lot of crashes with 22.1 We’re down to less than half than we were before on iOS. Even more on Android.

If graphics settings doesn’t matter, you may need to properly reinstall the app. That can do miracles.
Makre sure that you do so in the following order:

  1. Uninstall Infinite Flight.
  2. Restart your device
  3. Reinstall Infinite Flight from the store.

Also, restarting your devices more often helps a lot too. Especially before longer sessions.

This is 99/100 times just a bogus suggestion from people who’ve run out of ideas :)


Thank you for the tips. And yes, I’ve reached the point where I’ll try anything to get it to work. Good to know the scenery cache doesn’t matter.

I have already re installed infinite flight.

When did you do that?

After you left your first comment on this post.

I can’t find any crashes on either of you, which means that iOS is crashing the app due to high memory utilization.

Try the same flights on Solo.
If that’s good, start with low airplane count and 3D object density for Online flights.

Ok will do

Just did the solo flight all went well. Will try online later.

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Just did the online flight with the lower settings, all went well. No crashes. However when I was experiencing crashes there was a lot of traffic at the airports. However during todays flight there was about 1-3 aeroplanes at Heathrow where as at the weekend there was a lot more. So maybe the amount of aircraft was causing the crashes?

How many GB do you reckon are necessary to use IF? I have 5 GB of space currently.

@AliAlex have you been having any crashes lately?