Infinite Flight Keeps Crashing During a Flight

I am using a Google Pixel 2. I was on final for runway 31L at JFK, and I unplugged my phone charger, and then infinite Flight froze. I waited a few minutes to see if it would unfreeze, then it crashed. I’m not sure if this is my phone’s problem, or a infinite Flight problem.

If you need more information, please ask, thanks for reading.

Does a message come up saying that your chraging was disconnected once you unplug it?

Usually when my app crashes its because of the amount if tabs open.Try closing some background apps and see if that works

I’ve had similar situations recently. Everything goes fine until I’m approaching a runway and the app randomly freezes, even though I restart the device and clear cache before every flight. What I’ve done is reset the device’s connection to wifi, I’ve done that and the app will go back to normal. Try by doing that to see if it works for you. It’s pretty much inconvenient but the results are positive (at least for me).

Known issue.
Keep limit frame rate on, close out as many apps as possible, lower graphics if u r fine with it.

U should restart device or reinstall the app so the issue does not reoccur

Btw is your connection ok?
Battery ok?
IF Version?
Device Is at the most recent software?

Alright, I’ll definitely try that.

I should probably limit the frame rate.

My device is fine though.

Limiting Frame Rate is a good recommendation along with the other tips above. Limit your processes and open apps to Infinite Flight.


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