Infinite Flight keeps crashing after update

Hey guys I just updated the navigation database because it did it by itself when I went in the game just 20 minutes ago but once how he try to go in the game it just pushes me out again I already restart my phone but it does it again and again

Hello @Costaricanpilot,

Could you please provide us with your device specifications? (EX: Galaxy Note 8) Have you also checked the FAQ for your solutions?

It is a Samsung Galaxy S6 my app was working perfectly fine this afternoon but when I went in a couple of minutes ago it automatically download it an update after it finished all it did was push me out and it keeps pushing me out I checked out the support FAQ …
But nothing helps

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Have you tried the good ol’ delete and reinstall?

Mines keeps crashing too… weird. Except I’m on a iPhone 6

Yeah man but mine doesn’t do nothing it just puts the first picture of the Infinity Flight and then head stays there and they push me out and throws a message saying that Infinity Flight has stopped

Maybe @schyllberg is able to give some input, im not very savy on the technical side of things.

Which airports are you trying?

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I haven’t been able even to try any airports Man the game doesn’t let me go in at all it just puts the front picture when it starts and it stays there and it pushes me out again

Okay. Have you tried just now? We’ve reverted the navigation update.

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Let me check

okay so now it’s updating again

That’s good. And how did it go after that?

It worked out man I worked out now I am able to go in I hope you guys can find out what’s wrong about it so then I can enjoy the updates of the airports

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Is it working now?

Yes, after the reverse of the update. Guess over 100 was a bit too many for me to handle all at once

Oh, I’m not running into that problem, I’m on an iPhone 7. What phone are you on because that could be the problem?

Are you talking about spawns? Many big airports have over 100 spawns, such as KFXE, KFFZ (Especially this one) etc.