Infinite Flight keeps crashing after some time

Hi all again,

I am having this problem where my Infinite Flight keeps crashing after sometime… It’s quite annoying seeing that I am doing ATC and this happens… I would love to better describe my problem in any way anyone can help me who can understand :)

I am using Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 SM-A310F/DS Android Lollipop 5.1.1 and my copy of Infinite Flight is 100% genuine as I’ve paid roughly $15 for both the game and Live :)

I have the same problem, but IF crashes ONLY when I go outside the app (without closing), and come back. Check for open background apps.
Freezing is other problem though, I assume you might have it also.
Check this link, FDS already knows about Android problems:

What phone and OS do you use?

Galaxy S5 with Android 5. Customer support told me Samsung is a hit or miss regarding device performance, IE, in my old Samsung with Android 4.4.4 the game only lagged, but on my Galaxy S5, the game becomes unplayable sometimes.
If you can´t solve it, you and I will have to buy a device with Android 5+, but not from Samsung.

@Sturmovik …did you try out the stuff i described here ?


Does it happens when you clear for approach?

I have everything low except aircrafts on medium and AA off, its a problem with Samsung. Thanks anyways. If you want to, I can PM you a video with the lag I get sometimes.

Yea…good idea…but the s5 should have enough power to run smoothly…mmhhh…go check your ram in the settings i think it is, under usage( sorry, not the best android knowledge) , close everything, do a softreset, and try again…

It just happens suddenly, doesn’t happen in a special scenario.

Only in ATC or also if you flying yourself?

I have 1,75GB of RAM when I should have 2GB instead.

This only happens in ATC

Than something is hanging on your ram, some background process…you may want to kill it and do steps above

I killed them all before running which is why I find this weird.

There are some known bugs about that,mfor example if you clear an aircraft on ils when in an gps only airport…mostly it happens when you do it over the quick menu

Bro, WSSS is ILS equipped.

Its also "work " the other way around…😁… these was just an example…it happens to me as well, but mostly if i have this scenario…
Ipad Air 2
64 GB
Ios 9.2

Well I guess we just have to wait for a patch or a fix…

And there you are 100% right mate…the ios 9.2.1 also has problems, thats why i dont update on it…

Well my phone is clearly a new one… Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 lol it says 2016 there for a reason :P

I mean I can’t possibly downgrade my OS right? xD