infinite flight keep crashing!


Can someone please help me as to why my game keeps crashing while Im doing a flight for (e.g)

Last night I did a flight from Melbourne to Dubai on the emirates a380, and while i was on approach my game froze for 10 seconds then crashed.

I also did another flight today from LAX to KSFO and while I was mid flight my game froze then crashed.

can someone please help as to why this is happening as its happen a few times



Hello! Make sure you have at least 1GB ram! Restart your device before a long haul flight and try tone down your graphic settings… that should help!

  • Ryan

Try lowering the graphics/disabling anti-aliasing/rendering quality.
Here are a few common solutions to app lagging/crashing -

If non of this works, re-install the app.

@Ryan_Vidad he wouldn’t be able to get the global update unless he had 1GB of RAM. @siryolo28 we haven’t even given all the solutions…

Now Johnny, if you don’t mind me asking, what device do you have?

I have an iPad Air 2

Try using some of the solutions provided in this topic for the iPad air 2 -

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What version of IOS is it running?

A8 Chip, 2GB of RAM. Impressive device you have!
I recommend when doing long haul flights I recommend restarting your device before Long Haul, when in cruise turn down brightness and turn off sound

This should help
Have a nice day!

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ok thanks heaps ill do that :)

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I am running iOS 11.0.2 on my iPad

Try and update. Idk if this is the highest but its still worth a try as there is problems with IF running on different versions.

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