Infinite flight keep crashing on long haul

My flight keeps on crashing at the final everything was at medium and and airplane count set to low i kept on clearing screen cache after every 2 hours and even the camera was set towards the sky and even ipad wasn’t hot

Device: ipad air 3 (2019)
Operating system: ios 15.7

Analytical data


Unfortunately i had the same problem except i play on mobile device. I didn´t understand what was wrong so i did the same like you did but it didn´t help. From high to medium and from medium to low and even clear my cache everytime. So… I deleted the game from my mobile device and deleted more like other games. So i installed the game again and it never happend again. And still i dont know what was wrong. Hopefully you can fix it without deleting the game:)


like on final or just like final hour?

What graphics settings do you use? The iPad Air 3 is over 3 years old at this point and can’t handle the highest graphics anymore.

Probably this helps.

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Just before buttering the runway sir 😂

I did everything my graphic were medium and i still have 40gb left as storage nothing to delete tbh

Yeah i have attached the shots of my analytics

I don’t think three years is that old tb vh and i was on medium setting atleast 5years is pretty old i guess and i will definitely change my device in the last month of this year but i still think my ipad is still good for this game something else is triggering it

So, did you know about this topic I linked before you made this topic?

I mentioned it above :)

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Yes I already read about the crash as i was suffering from crashes from last month before last month everything was normal no crashes but from last month constant crashes 🙃

Oh yes! Sorry! Didn’t realise! I’ll remove it!:)

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Most of the time a device restart and lowering your graphics settings can help a lot. If you tried doing what the staff member’s topic said on the post I linked, you should only wait for the staff members to find a permanent solution to all this.

Thanks to everyone for reading and replying your suggestions truly helps me a lot to understand things 😄

I clear my ram and restart the device before every flight only one app runs in the back ground that is if operations 🙂

Hope fully one day but just a question do you think a 3 year old device is old just asking?

It probably is. As the device gets older, you should start to see changes in your device performance, but you shouldn’t notice any significant performance issues. It also depends on how you use your device.

I’ve had the same problem. It was suggested, disable low power mode. Works well. No more crashes, during on final. Tried long haul flights. All okay. Perhaps, you should give it a try.

Will try for sure ❤️