Infinite Flight Joystick and Pedals

I have a few more questions. Can I hookup pedals with Infinite Flight? If so, can you link me some good, compatible pedals? Also, will the Thrustmaster T16000M work with IF? thanks

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Yes ive actually been wondering this too

Hey there! The joystick you have currently is definitely compatible with Infinite Flight! So are rudder pedals. For rudder pedals, I would recommend something like this:,ss:44&prmd=sivn&sxsrf=ALeKk003ywYZBa3zOCoLwfReD6F9Stm-LQ:1590546132227&prds=epd:11656711963481354773,cdl:1,prmr:1,cs:1

A bit pricey, but definitely worth the money! To hook up the pedals and joystick, you can use this guide:


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Hello! Do any of you know the models compatible with Infinite flight? Thank you

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