Infinite Flight Journal-Edition 7

Infinite Flight Journal has released it’s latest edition, Edition 7. It features work from Zach Currin, iceblue, and David Garden. Many tutorials and strange sightings are displayed in this Edition, as well as some up-to-date news stories on social media-related Infinite Flight occurrences. Enjoy!


It was nice read, thanks for doing it!
I didn´t know what had happened with IFWP, quite annoying.

Quite. Speculations are still being made about IFWP. The story still stands, and may change soon

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I feel so bad for those at IFWP. :(

Great journal, as always!


Who wrote that thing about Global flight? I thought that was really clever and a great read.

Good work to all of us :)

I actually typed that article up!

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