Infinite Flight Journal- Edition 4.0- Holiday Blues

Infinite Flight Journal- Edition 4.0- Christmas Blues


Good evening/morning/night/tea time, ladies and gentlemen!

Yes, yes, we know. This journal has been far overdue, which can be contributed to a varying amount of reasons. Okay, maybe 30% of it was purely being lazy, but that’s besides the point. The Powerball lottery probably had something to do with it as well- can you imagine getting $1.4 billion dollars? That’s a whole lot of cash! Heck, I would buy IF Live+ for a thousand years with that kind of money! If you don’t live in America, you can disregard this. I shouldn’t probably say that, though, since we have Canadians and Mexicans coming across the border to buy tickets. Europeans coming over can’t possibly be all that far-fetched, either.

Seriously, however, the team has been busy with a lot of real life stuff revolving around the holiday season. Heck, I had to plan a New Year’s party for my family- do you have any idea how hard it is to organize an event for 30+ people? Thankfully, using Kahoot for our annual trivia worked wonders, and everyone went home happy. That’s after consuming a few dozen muffins, though.

The past few days have been marked by a period of sadness on the forums- several esteemed users have left us, which I’m sure is casting a cloud of gloominess, flying unicorns, and bananas upon others. Not to worry, though! We have a fantastic edition of the journal coming today to cheer up those mellowed blues! It took a lot of sweat, tea, aimless discussions, and typing like that fast ostrich-slash-emu thing in that wolf cartoon, but we finally got the journal done! Well… we kind of finished it two weeks ago, but… uh, stuff happened.

This edition contains more informative content than previous ones, as per the wishes of others. We’ve got an article revolving around trimming in there somewhere, as well as specifics regarding the center frequency. It’s pretty robust, which I’m happy about. The journal is definitely improving as we release and work on more editions!

Have fun, ladies and gentlemen! As usual, feel free to submit requests for things you would like in future journals, as well as your opinions on this one. There’s nothing we like better than hearing constructive criticism!


P.S- The blog post and personal copy will be sent to our mailing subscribers as soon as possible- Zachary Tish is currently indisposed at the moment to do so.

Infinite Flight Journal- Edition 4.0


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Kahoot = Winner


Foreign countries can purchase tickets (Illegally) over the internet.

Some of those controllers were kicked out btw

Cough… Two weeks late. Cough.

Eh. Still memorable to at least mention that they passed. :P

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I must say I am impressed at your detail. Even I got a mention. I am honored! :P