Infinite Flight Journal: A New Journey Begins

Good day!

Today, several individuals and myself are proud to announce to the community something that has been in the making for a little over a month… the first edition of Infinite Flight Journal, a newsletter dedicated for the Infinite Flight community!

This concept began a month or so ago by Zachary Tish and I, when we happened to get a “lightbulb” idea after a bit of witty banter in our advanced controller chat. The idea happened to snowball, and before we knew it, a beta version was made and reviewed by several community members. BBJMax and Nick Art happened to swing by during the final days of our last edit, and so our editing team grew.

Keep in mind, this newsletter is our very first edition, with a smattering of content. We would very much appreciate it if each and every one of you gave feedback on how you felt about it and what you would like to see in the future. Did you like certain parts of the newsletter? Did you hate some of it? The sort of feedback we will receive will determine what will be retained and/or improved upon in the newsletter for the future. After all, Rome, nor Infinite Flight as it is, was built in a day!

Of course, the newsletter as you currently see it may be slightly pale or lacking in certain aspects, but that’s what you guys are here for! Just give us a shout for anything you want to see, such as more visuals, graphics, color, and so forth! This is all about you guys! Hopefully, a platform of support can be built up over time, in which myself and the editing team will gradually improve the content of the newsletter.

The newsletter is biweekly, coming in between each Thursday of Jason Rosewell’s FlightCast in order to give you guys something to look forward to every week!

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Alpha 1.0- Infinite Flight Journal

Enjoy, all! Have fun, and be sure to add input!

In the future, we’ll be investigating better ways to present and work a system around in terms of presentation. For now, docdroid will have to do until we can get a satisfactory mailing system application and different ways of getting .pdfs and the like through. This is all being built from the ground up! Thanks for everyone’s patience!

-The Infinite Flight Journal Team

P.S- @Maxmustang, we know you’ve been looking forward to this. :D


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Great work!

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“Do good work”

-Sir Max.


I love it. Just finished reading it all.


Great job with the journal! Just wish I could have viewed it on something bigger than an iPhone 5 at the moment…


The amount of work y’all put in is extremely evident! I liked how it was in tune with what is going on in the forum, even had the SAR team in there. Very nice! My favorite part was the reporting on the TNF/FNF events.


By: Mark Denton

When you make new ones will you post the link on here or how can I get to them?

@StikLover2… WoW! Stick ya did it again! You and your talented crew have really turned out a first rate publication. I’ve started a “Cool Writer” archive and will refer to this and all future editions without fail… Format, writing style, content and continuity would garner straight A’s from any editor worth his salt.
You get my highest accolade for this and all past contributions to our Community; “Do Good Work”! Mad Max Sends


Thank you so much MaxMustang for you compliments. Hard work was put into this for you guys to enjoy. Glad you guys appreciate it. Thank you!
-Zachary Tish

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@HairlineAirlines Links to our Facebook page should take you to our posts. There you should find a link to our newsletters!
-Zachary Tish


Thank you @Down4Double and everyone else for your compliments. Glad you enjoyed our newsletter!

@Rotate Please Private Message me so we can discuss this. Thank you
-Zachary Tish

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@Rotate: Thanks! We hope to expand and hopefully add new content sometime. We’ll be happy to work something out with you in terms of an ad or interview. Just message myself or Zachary Mier Tish, and we can talk about this.

@HairlineAirlines: Thank you very much! As for making new ones, we will always post a link here on the forums, as we have done today, so that you will be able to access it. In the future, we hope to have a working website in which the true file can be downloaded directly, stored, and viewed for your pleasure. For now, we have to contend with docdroid until we can sufficiently expand. There will be various outlets to get your edition of the current newsletter, such as Facebook, Twitter, the forums, etc… No worries!

P.S- Mark had a great quote! The “no” really made an impact, didn’t it?

@Boeing707: Lo and behold, you predicted it correctly. A Max reader, I presume? Either way, thanks! Expect more content in the future as we expand and improve upon our current setup.

@jonah.c: Thanks, man. Did the Quote of the Week get ya? It certainly did for me! We’ll love to have a snapshot of you flying a Delta plane in the newsletter somewhere, sometime!

@The_simulation_nerd: Well, I believe that a laptop or some sort might be available to you in the future? Either way, thank you! It took a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, but we managed to get a nice and simple version out. Let me know if there’s anything you want to see in the journal!

@Down4Double: G’aw, 'danks! The feedback is much appreciated, as we can see what the community is tuned into in terms of what is favorable within the newsletter and what could be kept/added. We’ll keep looking for fresh content, so stay tuned!

@Maxmustang: Thanks, man. We’re hoping to expand to better avenues of publication and self-awareness, such as a mailing list, better graphics and content, more robust articles, and so forth for the future. Of course, a few grammar things slipped here and there, but a few “midnight” runs for both Zach and I kind of allowed a few things to squeak here and there… but as we grow, I’m sure that we’ll appoint a few proofreaders to ensure that it doesn’t happen. Stay tuned for further upgrades to future versions and additional content! Thanks again, mate!


Seemingly endless awesomeness from this community! 😎

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Sounds good. Thank you Rotate

@StikLover2, it sure did and i hope so too. Anyone can join delta virtual by looking at my profile autobiography. Can’t wait until 2 comes out!

Well done guys, absolutely first class and enjoyed it!!

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Absolutely amazing my friend