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I know there has been some talk on the community lately about Instagram. So, I was thinking, we could have an IF Fourms Instagtam. One where we all contribute to it. So we all can log into it and post our latest photos of just IF. Tell me if you are interested and/or like the idea. This also is in no way associated with your other Instagram account (if you have one) is if you don’t want it to be.


I do enjoy this idea, but i do see a flaw with it… Trolls. There has got to be a way that you can let people use it while making sure they don’t abuse it. Maybe like one of those conduct and agreement things (like the things that no one reads) would work.
Otherwise this is a great idea and i do see it working in the future.

Maybe regulars only?

  • Regulars only.
  • Everyone should have access.

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I would allow regulars and mature people, only.

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This is a good idea but keep the account info to the regulars

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Just give the password out to people that you think are mature.

Maybe their should be an email you send pics to

Someone will change the password and it will be done.

I vote neither of those.
I don’t think that everyone should have access but i don’t think it should be limited to regulars only. Like @ItsPerses said, Mature members. Example: I am not a regular, but yet i still ran team usa for the olympics.

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I think maybe you have to submit the pictures on the forum and if they are good I will put them on it. That way I will only have access. If I do this will anyone have interest in it?

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I think they say only regulars because we’re more trustworthy as we’ve been here longer, but I believe we should all be able to take care of it as long as we don’t mess around with it! #persesforamerica

I did think of that and it could work, as long as you give us credit.
And @ItsPerses Exactly. #persesforamerica

I’m starting the photo form.

Why be restrictive/excluding?

Trolls can delete posts, edit comments, etc

I see. I guess there is a justification. Better placed with any mods that wish to join in on it but I see your logic.

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