Infinite Flight its taking more space everyday i fly?

Hi fellows, i notice that the IF App had a size of 158 MB, but after global realease, theres some new files and data that has been downloaded to my decice increase the storage data. Two weeks a go it was just 1 GB and today its 3.33 GB. Someona can give some explanation for this,

I will appreciate…


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I think as you fly to more places, IF downloads more scenery and takes up more space.

I noticed this also.

I noticed this too… pretty annoying

Also, I think this topic goes under #support.

I tough that before, and i hope we all are wrong. And if it is as you say, thats not make any sence, especially if you had to pay for can acces to a data that is in your device already just reducing your storage capaciy, its suposed to be in streaming. But i dont know, maybe its another situation.

I did already, thank you,

It’s all of the airplanes, I think. That are downloaded when flying around other people. IF does not store terrain or satelite data on the disk, only temporarily on the RAM.

It dosent make any sense

What doesn’t make sense, we’ve all explained probable causes.

To get your storage affected for dowload airolane data of all the people around you,

Where else do you want to put the aircraft data?

But the airplanes i use or the others?

The storage space required has been around the 3gb range for quite some time now. Ever since global was released. I don’t see any issue here. Gotta give something in return if you want something better. In this case, we’re giving up storage space for better graphics & scenery among other things. Praise the fact that your device made the cut to play Infinite Flight on. 😃


Oh, theres an explanation. Thanks Bro. So it will not increase the data consumption more than 3GB?

I have all of my aircraft downloaded, and I’m sitting around the same storage space used that you mentioned. I don’t know 100% if the storage space will go up, but I doubt it will. I wouldn’t be too worried about it.

Thanks man. Good answer

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It will, slightly. All of the logbooks you fly go on the hard drive, however, they take up nothing more than a few MBs so nothing to worry about.

I don’t think airplane downloads take 2.93GB of data when the app is only a mere 70mb! It’s happening to me as well and my IF has almost reached 4GB! It keeps increasing in size everyday even when I don’t fly. I had all my aircraft downloaded again when global came out and it was only 1.5GB then.

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