Infinite Flight Issue

Hey there guys :) Today I was descending into Dubai after 21 hours and 23 minutes of flight time and all of a sudden, it was final approach, THE GAME CRASHED. It was so frustrating because it was my first flight on Expert Server :( Infinite Flight pls fix this, I feel so disappointed because of what happened :( I heard it only happened on IOS devices which makes me so sad. Thank you for reading this :) I really hope that this doesn’t happen to you :)

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They said that they are working on a fix to the problem that should be release in the 20.1 update.


I’d look here:

It has been stated that a fix has been found, so fingers crossed!

Here is the updated message about the fix:

I’ve had the same issue as well, and eager to continue with long hauls, so like I said before, fingers crossed!

Hi mate, this belongs in the #support category. If you were looking at the scenery, especially after long flights, the scenery can’t cope, so just look up and turn on appr.

It does not belong in #support, as it is not an issue with the game itself that requires immediate attention.

@AviationMasterYT, I know it’s frustrating mate, but patience and a fix will come in 20.1. For now, try the workarounds that other members have linked, and hope for the best.

Good luck, happy flying :)

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Oh sorry, am new to the forum and only been here for 6 months, so I haven’t explored the entire forum yet. Hope the fix provided on my previous post helps @AviationMasterYT

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