Infinite flight issue / glitch

Good Afternoon to you all just have one question, is this happening to anybody else since the new update. I am unable to load into any airport without immediately falling through the ground and crashing, i haven’t been able to successfully load in to even look at my aircraft. Could be due to high traffic on the app, Just wondering if this problem was also shared.

Thank you, happy flying!

You can resolve this issue by resetting your scenery cache in settings (Settings → Clear Scenery Cache), then restarting your app.


Cache was cleared, issue is still there, i’ll leave it for a few hours and hopefully things sort themselves out as the update unravels. Unfortunate but as i said could be due to high traffic numbers. Thanks for the suggestion

Unfortunately, if clearing scenery cache does not work, you may be required to reinstall the app.

Issue resolved after a few attempts, Thank you so much.

Awesome. Enjoy the update

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