Infinite Flight Isn't Counting My Landings

After I land I always check my landing amount but I have noticed recently that Infinite Flight is not adding my new landings to the total amount of online landings. Does anyone know how to fix this? It’s getting annoying.


The landings are still being counted but you don’t see the new count until after you end the flight. It’s not a live update at the moment.


For your landings to count, your main gear has to come up first, you have to land on a runway, stay on the runway for a certain amount of time.

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Hey! There’s a certain criteria for landings in Infinite Flight. Make sure you meet the criteria every time you land.

  • No landing (touchdown of wheels) in the last 30 seconds
  • Touchdown has to be on a runway
  • At least one main gear (not front wheel) touching the ground
  • Ground speed must be above 10kts
  • Landing must be done on a live server

Or the issue is exactly what @Marc mentioned.

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To clarify this further, your main gear must make contact with the runway.

Neither of these are requirements. You can land at 1000KIAS, stay on the runway for half a second and then take off again and your landing will count. (Not advisable however! LOL)


Thank you for your help!

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Anytime! Just ask if you have any further questions 👍