Infinite flight is so boring now

Nah it’s not. I love it ❤️

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Never really been bored with IF. There’s always new places I can fly to and engage in different ways through the community. It’s just about finding those things that’ll be the difference between your boredom and your activity with IF.


Exactly 👍🏻

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Regardless of the levels of multiplayer activity we might find, its always an immersive flight simulator experience, and theres loads of fun to be had even on quiet flights if the scenery is good and the pilot takes active control over the procedures.

I just flew from NZAA to NZDN, there wasnt anyone else in the whole country, but it was great!

The inevitable restoration of the ATC schedule has brought back more chances to find other users and experience the busy hubs that are so popular.

The 3D building roll out is probably pulling people more widely all over the world. Already theres an overwhelming choice of great routes with 3D airports at both ends, so people are flying based on that rather than just into the days big hub.

I find being part of 2 VAs adds a lot of interest and engagement …a whole extra level. Even flying alone for a VA is interesting with the planning aspect and choosing the “ROTWs”, and filing Pilot Reports.


Lol. I feel bad for yall. Us in idaho never went into a full lockdown.


Also its more active during weekends than weekdays and theres always a hub airport with at least 50 planes at it. If you want the cool experience with all the delays and holding patterns try some of the community wide events like FNFs among other things.

Hello, William! Welcome to the community. We appreciate your business over the last 5 years!

There are lots of fantastic recommendations in this topic to help spice up your experience, whether joining a VA, creating an #live:events, or creating your own weekly route schedule with predictable service from our ATC Schedule. Since the return of the ATC Schedule we’ve seen more concentrated action and an increase of 40,000 ATC operations in November. The traffic is there and we hope you can be a part of it! is a great resource outside the app to check on ATC around the world, see what the activity looks like, and find the busiest possible experience. Here is an example below:

Lastly, #features. We regularly browse this category to see how our audience is spending their votes. It’s a good indicator of what people want and serves as the driving force behind our development decisions. Reach out to me via PM anytime if I can help steer you in the right direction, whether connecting you with VA staff, helping you plan an event, or giving you ideas for your next flight.



I recently found out about IF, downloaded the sim and only made grade 3 last couple days. I also deleted X-Plane as I prefer my experience here thus far.

I’m 20 x 2 and have been around Microsoft Flight Sim for ever, so naturally I compare.

I agree that the world coming out of lockdown could be an effect and also with the relatively new FS available could be another possible cause of the decline of online presence.

From my research and what I have seen thus I can see how IF could become “boring” but what I can try to persuade is patience.

Like I said, I’m new and I’m into HR and not a coder or developer. But I can see that there’s a lot of work and effort into developing the sim. So I have no doubt that in a couple years and with the increase in ability of devices to handle the performance that this sim will achieve close to FSX + aesthetics as new airports, scenery, objects etc are added.

The advantage I see here is that IF is mobile as opposed to needing a PC. Which means and can play while waiting for my daughter at ballet.

Your experience is different to mine. But I’m sure as time and development continues. It won’t be as boring.

Maybe as someone said above. More ATC presence/schedule would help. But we all have another life. So I’m grateful for those who contribute.

I have noticed a slight bias to airports et al. in the Eastern hemisphere. Thus to capture more of us in the American shelf…maybe also consideration of more official group flights and a later time that 6 pm Zulu in effort to capture those in the Western Hemisphere. Maybe development of other major US hubs and an ATC presence and flights in the same.

Not sure if IF staff considered a survey to see the demographics of us subscribers.

Just sharing my thoughts and observations.


Infinite Flight is not boring.


I definitely 100 percent agree with this person. Infinite flight is becoming more and more boring. I get that we want to make it realistic but sometimes you guys take it too far and penalize for everything. Also who ever is doing the Atc schedule needs to hang their hat up why is it that it is always the same airports over and over again. There are so many airports we can have atc. Also the violation system makes the games whack and lame. Not saying we should get rid of it, it just needs to be revised. Why should I have to come off the expert server 6 months when I reach the maximum level 2/3 violations. Infinite has a lot to work on and also we pay soo much money for this sim and all we receive is mediocre work from the developers. Do better infinite flight. Listen to the people who actually play the game and not the ones who help develop it. Listen to your customers.


Not very true. There’s been a great variety of airports featured, in just a few months of the ATC Schedule being returned to the community. And that’s before you consider that controllers can now open any airports around the world, and not just the featured ones.

Because the Expert Server is a place where everyone is expected to behave with a certain standard of decorum and realism. You get three chances, which is more than fair, to correct your behaviour. And you get to appeal your violation as well if you feel it was wrongly issued. The Training Server is there for exactly that - training. When you get a violation you’re encouraged to read the User Guide and practice on the Training Server, before you come back to the Expert Server. And joining IFATC or any VA/VOs are highly encouraged because it makes you much more aware of the rules.

3D buildings, two completely new/reworked aircraft with two more in the pipeline, clouds, new ATC features…all this in the span of one year, with a pandemic raging across the world. Need I go on?

That’s what the community is here for. If you notice, nearly all major features that appear in new releases - including the violations system that we have now, and the return of the ATC schedule - were originally feature requests and/or discussions that started right here. I’d honestly say that the devs are listening to the community more than we can ever know. And the community is a fantastic resource to help you navigate through the sim and get the most out of it - including features that you want too!


Ya, I would agree that IF is a bit more boring than some other times, I think this is cause people do not play IF too much cause of some of these reasons:

  • Less Players as its a school year and people tend too focus on education
  • ATC less restrictions, I think that IF with the ATC schedule was awesome, like it was an event every day basically and I love busy Airports in IF cause there a
    wesome, I think the new ATC schedule is kinda good as sometimes people wanna have some freedom to control where ever they want too and not wanna handle too much traffic while there r people who do want to handle lots of traffic so I think it fair
  • people scattered everywhere, I think that now with more freedom to Controllers people who didn’t like too much traffic just a bit can go where ever they want too, also why not have a friend be ur Controller where u r going r?

Here is something I would say IF could do but maybe a bit confusing when u thunk about stuff; like add dummy planes in Infinite Flight to make airports more traffic, but what if people wanna spawn in too, then there is no room for Dummy planes, or dummy planes randomly spawning or people spawning into them etc

But overall I think IF is a really good Flight sim and still is pretty fun like it not even that bad : )

Tbh, I think a world lock down here would actually increase the amount of players in IF as they r more people at home bored basically doing nothing.

All of the violation reasons are geared towards inappropriate behavior by pilots in flight that effect the experience of other users, not even taking “realism” into account. Just the most basic decency and decorum.

2019 and earlier they had different requirements and the experience interacting with other pilots was quite bad. The requirements were improved and changed to the violation level 1, 2 and 3 system in 2020. Now when new users come in you might see some poor behavior or the rogue older user, but it has progressed to the point where the vast majority of the interactions you have on expert are good. Impossible for it to be perfect.

As someone who has never once been reported in five years of flying, I do not know how one could even achieve the ability to be reported more then 5 times in the span of 1 year. After 1 report you should be drastically changing the way you behave on the servers, reading the User Guide to see what you could be missing and asking questions.


Agree with your comment though not necessarily an emergency in my book as Infinite Flight is definitely not one of those “repetitive games” that has no end (and I don’t think it’s “a game” either).
Though sometimes it feels similar on tiring days, but only at feel and this I’m sure will get improvements in the future as both the community and devs will come with new ideas that conform to your formula, as you said it:

I’d prefer the sim I used to love that was packed with life

The words in bold alone, in my opinion is one of the most important secret to Infinite Flight’s success and I’m sure moving forward there’ll be more gimmicks or useful features that will amplify this.

For now, the base is solid. Though focus are on the rides themselves for now but new previously un-though-able layers and icings will trickle through in time!

I agree soo much with some aspects of what you’ve said.

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Nearly 3 months later this is still going. Says alot doesn’t it?


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