Infinite flight is so boring now

Something has gone wrong along the line and it is a completely different game/sim now. Mostly referring to the lack of activate at even the most “active” airports.


In your eyes, what would you like to see to make Infinite Flight ‘less boring’?

Check out December’s IFATC Schedule:


I’m sorry that you feel this way. Unfortunately, due to everyone being allowed outside of their houses now haha, there are less people playing the flight sim. I find that it is still an active and fun community. The live streams + the active updates help out!


Sad to hear, as it has more to offer then ever before. Things evolve over time, so does the game, so does the community. Maybe you give it another try, exploring something new? Controlling instead of flying to keep airports more active?! 🤙🏻


I understand how you might feel this way and you totally have the right to

In my personal opinion, Infinite Flight is becoming more and more fun and awesome as the updates come! The sim is growing and now has a larger number of users than ever before. The devs are constantly working to provide what the players want, which distinguishes them from the big company simulators (X Plane and others for example). On top of that, dealing with picky ungrateful users when the next update isn’t exactly what they wanted.

Project Metal is happening too which is exciting. It will allow for even more features like taxiway lights, better scenery, and other AWESOME stuff.

If you find it boring, some things I can suggest are trying out different aircraft/places around the world to fly, flying with other people on the IFC, or even making Infinite Flight videos (if you know how) or Infinite Flight screenshots (the community around here always surprises me with the awesomeness of their screenshots and videos)


That is very sad to hear. Personally I am enjoying IF better every year. Somethings that make my experience better are VAs and VOs. It is a great way to engage with users here on IF and IFC. Then there is community events which are just spectacular in my opinion. You can check out the #live:events category for more info on that :wink: lol.

Apart from that there are also many others ways to have fun such as being part of IFATC and controlling airports every now and then. Developers are working hard on releasing reworks, 3D airports as well as new aircrafts. Take the A220 for an example, there is basically so much hype for it now.

Also have a look at the topic @Balloonchaser/Samantha? mentioned above. The airports in the schedule will be very active I am sure when its their day.

People on IF are now getting back to their real life’s as things might be getting back to normal in their countries/areas. With schools starting, workplaces opening and etc. it can be a hassle being active here as well as on the real life side. I hope you have a good time with Infinite Flight in the future tho!

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I wouldn’t necessarily agree with this comment. Positive comments are always great, but opinions matter too, even if it’s negative.


Unfortunately, I agree. While I do appreciate and enjoy the new ATC schedule, it does seem that the involvement and interaction, especially with ATC, has decreased dramatically. However, those changes were not made lightly or without consideration, so there must be some improvement elsewhere (personal lives of IFATC, ease of scheduling, etc). Regardless, it does seem much less exciting now, but this is what we are left with! The multiplayer/community aspect of this sim is what sets it apart from all others.

Also, I will add that engaging in community events, joining VA’s etc are all ways of making it more exciting. Some of the responsibly is on the user to not fly the same routes/same planes and expect something new out of old habits.


Joining a VA could be a solution, personally I have never been in one since I like to explore and fly routes alone and freely. But with a active VA, there is often planned flights to do with other people


Honestly I think it’s just my Timezone (AEST) making it hard to keep up with the peak times that favour the other side of the world, but it was only maybe 6 months to a year ago that even in my time zone there was more activity in a few airports where as now it feels more spread out meaning less aircraft at more airports.

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I’m not trying to be negative I’ve had pro the whole 5 years I’ve had the app and all these feature are great but I’d prefer the sim I used to love that was packed with life and low graphics over a sim that’s dull but with more aircraft and higher graphics. But that’s just my personal opinion

I am excited for the addition of the A220 because I feel like some will use this to fly “shorter” flights. It’s hard to garner any traffic at the smaller more interesting airports when the only aircraft people fly are wide-bodies that can only fly in and out of large airports.


This is the reason I’ve been so confused about the push for the A220, but that’s another matter entirely.


IF is boring? Try something new! There is loads to try throughout IF. There are things like IFATC and VA’s which will engage you in super cool things you might not see currently.


Fly without autopilot and try to hold yourself to the same standards of performance that real pilots do. If you’re still bored, then you probably think you’re a better pilot than you actually are.

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Could you somewhat expand on this? We are only being picky because we want the best for the simulator.

Sure I can

I’m referring to the iM cAnCelIng mY sUb people, the ones who insult the devs, and the ones who accuse the staff of not caring about the customers (us)

I’m all for constructive criticism that’s delivered properly and actually means something


It kinda feels so imo

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Hey guys,

Could you two possibly discuss this further in a pm? It’s unfortunately a bit off topic for this discussion.


ok i guess