Infinite Flight is Not Real Life

That route actually existed FYI

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Thank you lol

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Yes, I strive to be as realistic as possible when flying. So when I take a KLM MD-11 for a spin, I make darn sure I’m flying it properly.

But I wouldn’t refrain from using it because it’s retired from airline service.

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Just adding my own two cents to this page.

I don’t think this is a uniquely Infinite Flight issue (if it even is an issue. In my opinion, it is not). People always talk about how Infinite Flight should be as realistic as possible.

Well, that can mean alot of things. By “realistic” are you talking about aircraft mechanics and how the planes fly? The Infinite Flight developers and executive team are improving that daily.

Are you talking about Aircraft modeling and how they look, both inside and out? I would point you to the recently reworked aircraft. Most notably the ERJ175. (Although, my personal favorite among the reworks is the 777).

Are you talking about on-board systems like fuel pumps and avionics? I would direct people to the features request regarding this:

In these ways, Infinite Flight is continually improving and getting better. It is quickly becoming what I would consider to be a direct competitor to simulators like X-Plane, FlightGear, and MSFS (Yes, I know. They are desktop-based. I’m saying that IF is the mobile equivalent).

As for the discussion regarding classic vs. modern aircraft, and fictitious routes, I will quote the OP.


Not only that, but there really aren’t that many aircraft to use in such a server. There are only two real retro pax planes in-game.