Infinite Flight is never upsetting, even after 3 years

Just after 19.3 I jumped on an A319 to discover a little part of Brasil, a country I only flew once to prior to the update. I can already tell this looks amazing, no wonder people were impatient to see this side of the world !

It was a flight from SBGL and SBBR (I’m unfamiliar with the region sorry) and I was amazed by what I have seen. I was flying in Expert server and missed ATC because I choosed the secondary airports apparently (meh, less traffic I guess).

More than that, I realised that a lot of people joined after the global update, so here’s a 3 year old shot (and a revisited one) showing how much changed in this sim I’ve been playing way to much. Now imagine me, 3 years ago, finding this scenery amazing… yeah crazy huh.

So these last were taken at PHKO, I don’t remember the context, probably a island hop in the Hawaï region. Anyways, have a good day and see you in the skies!


Only time has passed to see a massive difference. I remember the old Infinite Flight and I am also happy to see how far this app has been moving over the past few years. This is also the reason why I bought Infinite Flight at the first place (2016). I wanted to look for a good Flight Simulator for once on a mobile device. This app is simply beautiful.

Nice pics you have there! 😊


Thank you 👍

I got the game recomanded by a friend when I started to get bored of Aerofly 2. I haven’t stopped since :^)

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Really nice pics! Love the old IF one!

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Great picture buddy

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Glad you like it, didn’t post it but I found my last pre Global edit



Thank you, might post more later ✌️

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That pic is amazing 😯

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Those pics are amazing? IF is never upsetting!
The MH 737 is amazing!

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