Infinite flight is lagging

Hello, just yesterday, infinite flight for me has been lagging so much, I tried putting everything on the lowest setting and it lagged just as much, so I was wondering what I should do, because it is very annoying, so if there is something I should do, please tell me!!!

Is your connection stable?

Please let us know what your device is so we can help you in the best way possible.

Yes, it says that the weather, API service, ECT, and all of that is all good, green Checkmark

Also, IPhone 7

Try restarting the app, or maybe even restart your device, and make sure that there are no apps running in the background.

Ok, I did both, and it is still lagging

Can you please be a little more specific on what the issue is. Where you see lagging, what do you consider lagging, do you have a video, etc?

What are your graphics settings?
Are you using any 3rd party apps?
Are you using a joystick?

Is lags 80 percent of the time in the air, the settings on pretty low, but I do use IF assistant, but that never caused a problem, and I do not have a joy stick, so what happens is this: on the ground mostly smooth and nice, take off, getting pretty bad, and when I am around 3,000 feet AGL then boom 5 FPS

Have you tried clearing your RAM before you fly? Hold the power button and then hold the home button.

I have tried this before every flight and I can run high graphics perfectly.