Infinite Flight is in the top paid charts for Android in the US.

This post is similar to these 2 threads linked below, however after searching, I don’t think this is a duplicate.

After seeing the top charts for Apple post, linked above, my curiosity got the best of me and so I looked to see where Infinite Flight ranked on the Google Play Store. Take a look below!

Pretty impressive to be within the top 100!


Does this mean it is the most expensive, or does this mean it has The most people paying for it?

It’s based off of how many people have paid for and installed the app.

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Most people paying for it

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Hong Kong store image

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I had already answered his question… literally right after he asked it.

At least it’s not #500

Goat Sim???
What is that?

@Richard_Barrett let’s stay on topic please.

Infinite Flight is number 57 in the UK

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Let’s make it number 1!

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Freaking behind Sonic the hedgehog.

It has been there for months in the UK

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