Infinite Flight is highly unstable for LG Optimus G LS970 Android Jellybean

This game is not very stable for my device. When trying to load a image of one of the planes, it takes forever and sometimes crashes the game. When I’m flying online at a airport with lots of other online people, the game starts to lag but when I am not at a busy airport or in the air around no one. The game is perfectly fine. I know its not my Internet soeeds, cause it happens on multiple networks when I am not at home. The game sometimes crashes randomly. It might be the fact that I am running on one of the oldest Android versions, but my phone is outdated. Please fix.

iPhone 5 (original) runs just five with IF. Anything else above runs even better

Have you tried an aggressive memory manager? Try auto memory manager on Google Play, used it for years on LG and Samsung … Note of interest I no longer use it as Android now has a runtime memory manager instead of a low memory manager ie AOS6

Good for you @John_Preston21. When I had a Samsung I new I am not going to buy that again … Also in the future you will find out that tablat will give up…

You may have good graphics on small device when you can play IF on your TV …, we have different thoughts sir @John_Preston21 I will never buy an android…

I agree that android have good grahics… For
Apple you can play, watch on the TV… Here’s my point… Android have good graphics but android can’t take power full games such as IF for very long that’s why they are laggy slow and crash… With Apple you a good graphics. But you can have even better grahics on the TV… So why buy a device that has fantastic graphics there four can’t take powerful game when you can buy a good device with graphics and can take powerful games for a very long time and if the apple graphics ain’t all the… Hook it up to the TV… Sorry if this don’t make sense … Well some parts don’t make sense …

I’m a happy camper with this HTC Google Nexus 9 (64bit with NvideaTegraK1GPU) as well as Android’s Marshmallow. Absolutely wonderful.

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Getting ready to Chromecast to my almost 50 inch screen from my 9 inch screen Android Tablet … I hope everyone gets maximum enjoyment from their system of choice.

Sorry for the late response. The actual reason that I just found out is since the LG Optimus G LS970 is a very old phone, and the highest Android version you can have on the device is Jellybean is the reason why. The device is outdated and is not able to update to any higher Andriod versions (KitKat, Lollypop, etc.) I am going to have to upgrade to one of the new android phones such as the Samsung Galaxy S6. Thanks for your responses.

I say get an apple device to play IF and do what ever you want, better, safer and not laggy :)


Yeah I was thinking about it, haven’t made my decision yet.

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Well if you pick android, you’ll regret it big time, dude I am playing on iPad 3 all I need to do is restart the device every 3 flights and everything is on VERY HIGH and ON and it works smoothly :)

@The_Atwood_Family @John_Preston21 @natzoo , stay on topic please.

Please keep the apple vs android war out of this topic.


Sorry about that

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Agreed. The support category isn’t about who likes what device. It doesn’t help to call another device crap and amazing as it goes off the topic originally posted. Thank you.