Infinite flight is eating my battery


Is it normal for 12,%, of the battery to be consumed in just 15 minutes (high settings) ?

If so, unfortunately I bought this IPad Pro thinking that my previous device had a battery problem☹️

Device: IPad Pro 2021
Operating system: 15.5


If you’re running things on highest, with 60fps and high screen brightness - I’d say it’s quite normal to be honest.

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You can try using the on device low power mode during flight or the in app low power mode, also try reducing brightness when you’re cruising. These steps really help reduce battery drain.


What settings do you always play with or suggest to me? Bearing in mind that it does not affect the experience

Yes, I did it, but severe exhaustion occurs during landing and take-off

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I run mine on the same. Everything highest but 30fps and i lower the brightness when I’m not actively flying. Works super!

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These are typically the most demanding parts of a flight as the device is having to render buildings, ground textures and other users. The best ways to prevent excessive battery drain or overheating on the ground is by reducing some graphics settings.

  • Reducing frame rate limit from 60fps to 30fps
  • Reducing 3D object density and airplane count
  • Setting rendering and texture quality to medium

Also as mentioned above, turning down the brightness really helps. Sometimes when I’m doing long hauls, I even go onto the settings menu and leave it on there just to help even more.

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Well, I’ll do it hopefully it makes a difference

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it most definitely will

Whenever I fly I just have my iPad charging and when I reach my altitude I lower the brightness on my screen to save battery. Once I flew from Toronto(CYYZ) over to Santiago(SCEL) and it was an overnight flight so I let autopilot control my plane while I was sleeping and that night I had around 50% of battery and when I woke up the next morning my iPad was at 100% of battery and just after I woke up I armed VNAV. I guess if you don’t touch or have your screen so bright while your flying it can save or even gain a little battery then I think you will be fine. Anyways have a blessed night.


just put the device on low power mode, set the brightness to the lowest point and store the device in a cool and dark spot.


Yo that’s a good idea

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Thank you, I didn’t expect the fps to consume so much power

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